Nicolas Muller

The photographer Nicolas Muller was born in Oroshaza, Hungary, in 1913. He studied law and political science, but finally he worked like photographer.In 1938 he travelled to Paris, because he had to run away to the Nazism.During the Second World War he travelled to Portugal, Tangier and Morocco. Finally, in 1947, he moved to Spain.

The main work of Muller in Spain was take photos of little villages, his populations and the life during post-war period.

“Siempre creí que el fotógrafo tiene en sus manos un medio único para reflejar la realidad, y la cámara debe tener una especie de fidelidad notarial y hacerlo, además, en una cierta dirección estética”, said Muller about his job.

Finally he died in 2000, in a little village of Asturias.


 Muller left Hungary in 1938.                                        Photo: Nicolas Muller.

During the years that he lived in Hungary, he took photos of the human misery. The right in Hungary said that Muller and his team weren’t patriots.

In November the room Canal de Isabel II, in Madrid, opened an exhibition, open up to 23 of February of 2014, with 125 photographs and objects like a carnets of the universities when he studied and a book with souvenirs.In addition in his things the steward, Conesa, found 40 news photographs. Conesa said that Muller was “uno de los padres del fotoperiodismo moderno”.

By María Pérez Margalejo.




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