“Cristianos perseguidos hoy”: the latest exhibition of photographies by “Helping needed Church”

The pontifical foundation “Helping needed Church”, which supports the poor and hounded Church in all over the world, has carried on the photograph exhibition “Helping needed Church” in Santander between the 17 to 25 of October.

ImagenThe logo of AIN it’s a symbol of an a crossed cross. From: http://www.ain-es.org/Contenidos/Noticias/ImagenesNoticias/20120524100359.jpg

“Cristianos perseguidos hoy”, shows through photography’s and personal proofs the reality of 350 million of people who at the present suffers persecution and discrimination because of their faith. The photographic exhibition was opened by Mons. Vicente Jiménez, bishop of Santander. The activity was divided in two parts: firstly the photographic show, in the middle of Santander, which includes some videos with images of the Church in China, Sudán, Cuba and Irak.. The photos are ordered by the theme: the history of 15 martyr of the latest 50 years and three specific situations of the persecution in Gorja, (Pakistan), Orissa, (India), and Tibhirine (Argelia).

ImagenOne of the photos of the exhibition.The photo shows an Egyptian girl who was killed by the muslims because of her faith.From: http://www.ain-es.org/

“Cristianos perseguidos hoy”, is an exhibition with 25 photographs in which we can see the problem of the Christians in the different countries of the world. D. Javier Gutiérrez Morlote, promoter of A.I.N. in Cantabria explained the opened day: “here, the Christians are so quiet but we have to know that there is some people who can lose their life when they go to the Holy Mass, or having problems, like in Egypt, because in their identity card says: Christian. There are lots of people who suffer because of their faith.”Javier Menéndez Ros, national director of Helping Needed Church explained that this foundation was founded by Father Werenfried, a Dutch who was baptized like “Father bacon” in Spain when in the Civil War he shared out bacon with the poors.

 With hard photographs which talks about the persecuted church in the world, the exhibition is a good show that resumes the life of the Christians in some countries in which the faith should be hidden; a reality unknown for the majority of the people.


Javier Gutiérrez Morlote explainig the exhibiton and the photograph which was selected to be the portrait of the exhibitions. Photo taken by Marta Oria de Rueda



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