Gervasio Sánchez, photojournalism’s living history

Gervasio Sánchez was born on August 1959 in Cordoba. He started working as waiter in a restaurant when he was 15 years old and it allowed him to study journalism. He has worked as photographer in many wars such as the Bosnian War or the Gulf War. And he has worked for many mass media: La Vanguardia, El País, Heraldo de Aragon…

Gervasio-Sánchez-para-Jot-Down-5Gervasio Sánchez, one of the most important Spanish photojournalists. From: 

However, Gervasio Sanchez is a freelance journalist because he says he wants to be independent. He always tries to look for the contradictions of politicians. He’s mainly known because he’s actually critical and he has made many polemical speeches.

Also, he has an important blog in Heraldo called “Los desastres de la Guerra” where he has written many controversial articles such as the one where he accused Zapatero of being one of the most important arms trafficker in Europe. 

About his work, he explained in an interview broadcasted in Aragon TV: “I’m journalist, I’m photographer… I’m a multimedia journalist who started working 30 years ago”. He uses social networks too. He specially uses Twitter (@gervasanchez) to announce his posts on the blog and communicate with his readers.

One of his most important projects is about missing people. It obviously supposes a hard personal involvement but Gervasio explains he doesn’t want to be a photographer who only takes a good picture and then goes away. He wants to stay there and see what happens after the war, what the consequences are and how injured people survive and start a new life.

articuloGervasio2“Desaparecidos” is one of the most famous works if Gervasio Sánchez. From:

By: Sandra Pallarés Navarro



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