National Geographic becomes 125 years old

The magazine with the most famous yellow frame celebrates its 125th anniversary. In 1888 its founders thought about “creating a society to improve and spread the geographic knowledge”, however the reality goes beyond. Nowadays, National Geographic not only teaches about Geograpy but also about History, it shows  the most amazing places, the most unusual and marvelous animals and it helps to spread the big problems of society.

Every topic is accompanied by fantastic photos. Present-day photos are very different from the first ones of the magazine, like its editor in chief, Chris Johns, says “The readers of the fisrt number of Geographics can be forgiven if they weren’t  captivated by the magazine. In 1888, it was a brainy scientific publication with a boring brown  cover”.

Considering that the photo is one identity sign of the magazine, National Geographic was ahead of its time and has excelent photographers working for it. In 1906, George Shiras published in Geographics the first night photos of wild animals. In 1914 the magazine published its first color photo. In 1942 it published its first ilustration in the cover. In 1984 Steve McCurry published the very famous photo of the “Afghan girl”. And in 2005 the  interns of National Geographic  got to take the first photo of the inside of a tornado.

For years, the National Geographic obsession has been to travel around the world to offer to its readers its best journalist report.  According to National Geographic in 2012 it had 62 photographers  and each one of them visited 54 countries. They took 2 millions photos but only 1,468 were published.

The photo is essential for the magazine and it is a livestyle for the photographers.

“The photography is a weapon against the injustices of the world. It gives testimony of the truth” (Bert Stirton)

“One photo is a convincing proof, an irrefutable evidence” (Brian Skerry)

“I am in love of nearly everybody  who I take a photo of. I wish to know every story. I wish to get close to them. I get involved” (Stephanie Sinclair)

“The objetive is to show life, to reveal things that maybe we will never come to understand.” (Lynn Johnson)

“My photos hope to explain to the public that we have to protect those who can’t protect from themselves” (Michael “Nick” Nichols)

Happy birthday and I wish that you can celebrate your birthday for many years.

By Cristina Lostao

NG-1The “Afgan Girl” of Steve McCurry- National Geographic



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