For two years the photographer Jimmy Nelson lived with more or less 30 different tribes to photograph their cultures, their traditions and their way of life. The result is a beautiful work called “Before they pass away”.


            All the photos are compiled in a book.                                    Photo by: Jimmy Nelson.

Jimmy Nelson was born in 1967, in England. He lived for ten years in an orphanage and after it he decided to go to the Tibet to cross it. During one year he took a lot of previously unseen photos.

In 1997 Nelson started to compile photos of tribes and inaccessible societies, with these photos he has won a lot of prizes.

In this work we can see photos of different tribes like masai of Africa, yamales of Siberia and gauchos of Argentina. Nelson says that “Cuanto más te alejas de la civilización, más personas trabajan como una unidad familiar, mayor es el respeto que tienen para las generaciones mayores y para los demás. Cuanto más te alejas, las personas son más amables”.

In order to take the photos Nelson had to do a lot of immersion work because the majority of tribes don’t have contact with other societies.

Among the photos we can enjoy portraits or family photos, with a lot of details. The majority of the photos are very complicated because Nelson uses elements like ice, fire or water and animals, like horses, dogs or camels.

We can see all the photographs in his exposition website:

By María Pérez Margalejo.



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